Leaving one corporate job for another isn't exactly a new chapter but here I am.  What is a new chapter is this blog, website, brand and bamboo plates.  Aquaterra Living is part of a journey that our boat Sonrisa will be taking.  I only buy essentials because I have to save money for our trip and I lead a minimalist life in general, so I will mainly carry products that are truly essential for me and hopefully useful and essential for you. 
A large part of the creation of this brand was also to be able to donate money to ocean conservation and preservation non-profits.  Therefore, 10% of the sales will be distributed to different organizations.  I have some in mind but am interested in which ones you would suggest and why.  



    We live on Sonrisa in Sausalito, CA.  An Iranian girl that loves the ocean and boats and a Viking looking sailor that dreams, eats, breathes sailing and boats.


    August 2016